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Maximize and Enhance Customer Base and Payment Simplicity

Whether it’s a food truck or an Etsy store, a clothing chain or international shipping network, one of the biggest concerns is making sure all customers have a way to pay for their goods. What used to be restricted to just cash is now going by the wayside in favor of swipe and sign touchpad sales, bump-and-done credit card scanners or eWallets which dispense with a card altogether. But with so many payment options and so many choices, standing out is a matter of being able to accept almost every currency from every location on the planet. Enter, BlueSnap.

A State of the Art Payment System for State of the Art Business

Business seems simple on the outside. A good is sold. A buyer purchases that good with money. Money goes to the seller. The good goes to the buyer. End transaction. But in the modern world, what seems to stop at the end of the transaction, for the seller, is only just starting. First, the seller needs to be able to process credit cards, accept options like PayPal or Samsung Pay. Then there’s the matter of accepting payments made through mobile, marketplaces and other eWallets. And then there are subscription model payments, global banks, international currencies, invoice payments, manual orders. Each one requiring a different program in order to use effectively.


Take Every Puzzle Piece and Put it in One Place

In terms of payment methods and solutions, the list is vast and is only projected to get bigger in the next couple of decades. What a program like Bluesnap does is take all of those programs, the credit card scanners, the mobile checks, the eWallet payments and more, and centers them in one intuitive, simple to use payment platform. In the past, the concern about integrated payment solutions had been the risk of limiting the payments that could be accepted and as a result, limiting the business that could be done. This platform removes those concerns and accelerates business by letting customers pay for goods exactly as they want to, using any payment method, in almost any country in the world.


Empower Business with Automatic Reporting and Fraud Tools

Getting every payment option in one place sounds like a business’ dream, but if things start going south, services will be needed in a hurry. That’s why this payment platform not only simplifies the buying process, it also generates real-time reports of spending habits, locations, and activity over any period of time. Also included are top of the line fraud detection services, over a hundred integrations for shopping carts, CRMs, accounting and reconciliation and reporting. Taking the mass of programs and logins and passwords and settings, it condenses all of those into one simplified system, freeing up time to do business and worry less about payments.


The world of business is changing fast, and so are the ways to buy and sell. Let an all-in-one payment platform keep you ahead of the curve.

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